Final Rating: 6.96. Finished 8 out of 168 entries.

8,331 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jonathan Veiga

Description: Hey Everyone! This is my first 11 second club Attempt! I didn't have time to do a background but I mainly just focused on the animation!

Used in Maya, render in Renderman

Rig Used from:
Croc Rig (
Jake Rig (

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 2 Weeks


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Jamie F:

Nice stuff! I think maybe slightly less would be more with this as there's a lot going on with the first character.

Asa Thibodaux:

Nice but the movements were kind of jelloie bouncy a little much.

Toby Leung:

Nice poses there but I think the timing can be a bit snappier. Motions are a bit soft right now.

Edmond Toussaint:

I love the idea and acting


Great animation

Benjamin ALVARO:

First part great. In my opinion too exaggerate in the second.

Michael Mavromatis:

The lip sync needs work, good follow through, although
the acting seems all over the place

Nicolas Briellmann:

I like it! However I think the actions don´t line up too well with the dialog (the poses are not clearly enough alligned with the beats in the dialog). This makees it hard to follow the acting. The Krok is great tho.