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First try Work in progress

by Kailen Dean

Final Rating: 3.53. Finished 105 out of 168 entries.

243 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kailen Dean

Description: I wanted to try out this month's challenge in between classes. I think I was trying to rush to the cleanup phase too quickly. I have already taken a step back to focus on body mechanics first before I clean up. Constructive feedback is welcomed.

Experience: Second Year

Time taken: I need to be more efficient because it took me about 20 hours so far.


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Nicolas Briellmann:

nice! a shame that it's unfinished.


I would've loved to see this one finished!

Jacob Webster:

I wish this was finished

Richard Adams:

This one's hard to rate. What you have here, what there is of it, is really good. Problem is it all looks so unfinished. Like you couldn't finish by deadline. Excellent staging, appealing character design, solid three-dimensional form, what lip syncing there is looks terrific. Just unfinished. Would've given this an 8 or 9 if finished.


feels a little too unfinished, but what you have made looks very good.