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Dragon's Job interview

by Runy Lee

Final Rating: 5.60. Finished 27 out of 168 entries.

364 views including the voting period.


Animator: Runy Lee

Description: Party planner asks Snout "Can you transform into a dinosaur? They're popular"
He feels insulted; after all, dinosaurs are non-magical creature humans made up; such a shame to transform into one-- or so he thought until...

Experience: 3 mo, no real job experience yet...

Time taken: 15 days spread throughout the month.


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Runy Lee:

I don't know why mine has larger gap on the screen.... so sad :'(

Jamie F:


Edmond Toussaint:

you added a pause in-between


I really love this one, the little duo is so cute and really complements each other. I love the way the girl is animated particularly in the close up and the way the dinosaur blinks when he says he doesn't turn into one, great stuff!

Nicolas Briellmann:

The girl is great. however I feel like the dino isn't hitting the biggest beats in the dialog. For example the "I don't believe you"or the "even if they did" are too weak for me.


I laughed when is saw that poster