Final Rating: 3.59. Finished 96 out of 168 entries.

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Animator: Christina

Description: This guy is most definitely NOT a dinosaur. This was a lot of fun to do and even though I got started late I loved working with human 3D models. I unfortunately didn't have enough time to render but I can tell you that it look beautiful!

Experience: A good amount in 2D and a little bit in 3D.

Time taken: ! week and a day


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A nice looking second pass animation... a bit more time in polishing this animation would really take it to the next level.


This was a lot of fun and stress to work on and I completed it in 1 week and a day. I'm really pleased with how it came out although there's obviously like a million things i'd change.:^D

Nicolas Briellmann:

try to watch the twinning with the arms