Final Rating: 3.99. Finished 77 out of 168 entries.

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Animator: Jason Sullivan

Description: This was a project from my advanced 3D character animation class, at the University of the arts in Philadelphia, taught by Erik Van Horn. I really tried to go above and beyond what I'm used to, so I hope you enjoy it.

Experience: About 2 semesters

Time taken: About 2 weeks.


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HAHA... was not expecting that.. nice one (lip sync needs some work)

Richard Adams:

Snout the dinosaur is *very* well animated. The other two characters, not nearly as much. I'll guess Snout is where you spent most of your time and attention. I do like how he transforms off screen and how she reacts to it. Snout gets 9 or 10 stars. The other two, 4.