Final Rating: 5.44. Finished 31 out of 168 entries.

312 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chenna Reddy

Description: A nerd's knowledge about the Dinosaurs.

Experience: Years of

Time taken: 5 Days


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Runy Lee:

when it's not subtle, shaking the camera is usually a bad choice


Wow nice Animation and nice posses good blends and perfect Timming and smooth and quality is awsome overal looking superb cool


Camera is a bit jittery, but lip sync is decent and the cat mlem is adorable

Shuwen Zheng:

Is the shaking of the camera intentional?

j. anthony:

The staging was awesome!

Marckus Duverger:

Awesome! I love his range of motions & the cat is very nice too, I feel you can push his expressions a good bit more. I enjoy this