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"Dinosaurs Never Exsisted"

by Amanda Berry

Final Rating: 5.39. Finished 36 out of 168 entries.

287 views including the voting period.


Animator: Amanda Berry

Description: Hiya! Here is my 11 second club for this month =) I was assigned to do this for a class, and as a result will still be fixing things after. This is also my first time using symbols in ToonBoom Harmony! Very crazy experience. Thanks!

Experience: Junior in College

Time taken: A month between classes and work


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Jonathan Veiga:

Love the art style, some good stuff but I feel like the head is moving too much, it's hard for me to focus on his face a bit. Try to focus on poses and hold them a bit. It's a bit too jittery.


That's animate is good. And it a good idea for animate