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Animator: Alberto Medina

Description: Im student of animation and this is my first test

Experience: no much, im beginner

Time taken: like 6 hours


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what was that?! lol

Alberto Medina:

Marcos Elias:

hahaha creep, but funny.

Santiago de Jesus:

the characters never blink

Lauren Kimball:

lmao, wha?

Eric Bai:

just so confused

Patryck Wright:

I honestly laughed out loud at this


nightmare lol

Galden Gurung:

lol nice concept

Nikhil Anurag:

The body movement seems good, but adding the sound for the head morphing was against the rule i think

Amie Vandzura:

haha weird but in the best way

Luis Aldon: the hell...

Celine Heijnen:

Hahaha, that was really unexpecting!


oh my^^^^^^^ GOD

Henry Barbee: