Final Rating: 8.19. Finished 3 out of 314 entries.

360,602 views including the voting period.


Animator: Az Adamson

Description: A rather easy-going "lab rat" gets on his partner's nerves with his humming.

Experience: 6 months

Time taken: 1 month


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Jamie F:

Lovely. My winner (again)!

Irma Hidayati:

very niceeeee.... !!!!!

Doney Sundaramoorthy:

Wow amazing! Love the character designs and animation and everythin!!

Galden Gurung:

Nice bro good luck ☺


Good acting, I like it!


Thank you for this animation!!


Awesome! Like an upgraded version of Pinky and the Brain. :)

Paraskevi Koutalou:


Ramon Arango:

awesome sauce. Could have made the shot shorter I think, we don't get much out of the beginning.

Arindam K Dutta:

Great job!

Henry Barbee:


Bernhard Liasta:

The lipsync of the left rat looks off for me. And the left elbow of the right rat when he try to drop his formula seems freeze. But this is the winner for me for this month. Long life 2D !!