Final Rating: 1.61. Finished 314 out of 314 entries.

22,155 views including the voting period.

Animator: luis octavio alatorre mellado

Description: corto animado

Experience: 3 meses

Time taken: 12 horas


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Alberto Medina:


Lauren Kimball:

For some reason I wasn't able to see the animation play. I haven't had issues with the other entries, perhaps double check the playback before you upload?

Alexander Julius:

Video appears corrupted?


I can't see anything

Elisabeth Janerka:

It might just be me but I saw nothing but a grey screen with some glitching


:/ too bad, both video formats are screwed. Must be an encoding problem.

Santiago de Jesus:

poor soul :'c

Hannes Oehen:

Cant view this on my iphone (its an old one)