Final Rating: 5.60. Finished 75 out of 314 entries.

325 views including the voting period.


Animator: JZ

Description: The only way to shut them up.

Experience: 2yrs-student

Time taken: 1 week


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Lauren Kimball:

The premise is very creative! I recommend pushing the performance, have you tried recording a reference before you begin? Also try off-setting the lip sync to hit 2 frames prior or 2 frames after the audio plays for a more accurate read.


Very funny!

Luis Aldon:

I love the idea! Maybe center the camera more to the characters, and maybe not to have them so close to each other. I love how you had the puppet invade the other’s personal space, but maybe play of more on that.

Ramon Arango:

super cool idea but I dont like the ending. I dont get it. I thought he was a performer on stage, like a comdey club with that brick wall, but there's no interaction with an audience. Would love to hear your thoughts behind this performance

Irma Hidayati:

I like ur idea, very nice :)