Final Rating: 6.37. Finished 39 out of 314 entries.

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Animator: Samuel Bourland

Description: Fan art of Kuzco and Kronk from the awesome "Emperor's New Groove".

Experience: Amateur, hoping take classes soon!

Time taken: Um, most of the month on free time?


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Santiago de Jesus:

i need those characters <3

Alvindra Surya Wardana:

I like this snappy style animation


It's Kuzco!! :)

Poppy Marlow:


Luis Aldon:

This is too perfect! Great use of the camera and anticipation, as well as reaction! Keep it up!


Whoa, those are the characters from the Emperor's New Groove! The scene very accurately conveys their personality

Brown SamJam:

did you model these and rig them ??

Henry Barbee:

Whoa, where’d you get those rigs???? Those are nice.