Final Rating: 3.19. Finished 206 out of 314 entries.

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Animator: Piers Issler

Description: Doing dirty work can some times put you on edge.

By Piers Issler

Experience: Second animation collage class

Time taken: A week / three or for days cumulatively


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Paraskevi Koutalou:

I was confused with the last cut. Until then I thought the character was sitting on a sofa or something of the sort, didn't perceive it as background horizon so it popped out kind of irrelevant to me, the last scene. Good smooth animation, though I think some more stress or pause would work great at some point, to break the homogeneous movement

Elisabeth Janerka:

Crazy twist!
Better framing - I couldnt tell where the two characters were in relation to each other - physical spacewise. I get that you dont want to spoil the end but some sort of establishing shot with of them in the same shot would be nice