Final Rating: 2.23. Finished 293 out of 314 entries.

1,047 views including the voting period.


Animator: Víctor Adrián Tiznado Medina

Description: The representation of a case of schizophrenia, the hallucination of events, in this case a person and his reflection...

Experience: around 2 months

Time taken: only 2 days


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Hannes Oehen:

I like the timing on your animation, it fits the timing of the dialogue. The hand gestures seem to fit the context of what they are saying as well. What you could improve on are the facial expressions. Also try to make the poses feel more natural. What s bothering me as well is the cutting. You don't usually cut to the person talking everytime, sometimes the reaction to what is said is more important. Instead of cutting maybe a camera pan would have been better to change from the right character to the left one. Also if they have different colored shirts they would be easier to distinguish. For your next entry maybe focus just on animating one of the characters speaking, that would make this scene much simpler. Hope this helps ;)