Final Rating: 8.55. Finished 2 out of 314 entries.

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Animator: Ramon Arango

Description: After working through the night Jonathan can't handle his neighbours annoyingly good mood anymore.

Responsible for all aspects. I thought the 11secClub would be a good premiere to show off my rig :)

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 1 month on and off


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Nat Black:

really love the composition of your shot, it feels natural and comfortable. acting is so real and believable, im not sure how you achieved this. congrats on your amazing piece!


Love the guy's expression at the end. Good acting choices for him overall. Maybe have the feet on the desk moving a little more; even just slightly. I don't think they would be completely still.

Sergi Miranda:

love expressions!


very good!I love it,It's NO1

Paraskevi Koutalou:

very alive character! Has so much -to the point- movements and expressions

Thibaut Huet:

WOW ! really cool.

Rahadyan Pradipta:

Love it!

Elisabeth Janerka:

Suuuuper nice!!


God, I think the animation is perfect! Accents are so well conveyed, timing, spacing...

Galden Gurung:

Nice bro good luck...

Razam Ali:

wao very nice very appealing shot


love it!!

Jed B.:

The scoot at the end is really nice. This one is really well done.

Henry Barbee:

First time I watched it, I was mesmerized by the functional game boy screen! But then I watched it again and saw the animation was excellent as well. Top 5 for sure!

Víctor Martínez:

Good work!! Love the acting.
Computer screen was a nice touch.