Final Rating: 5.10. Finished 37 out of 96 entries.

342 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sascha Vernik

Description: It must be a drum..

Experience: a couple of years

Time taken: 3 days


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Taylor Cole:

The character with the drum was well animated but he could have done more than banging a drum in a circle. The character in the center would have benefited from some minor animation such as a shift in facial expression or even moving one of his fingers.

Brian W.:

You really challenged yourself on this one, didn't you? Nicely done.

Howard Cameron:

That's a lot of spinning around haha

Ryan Hill:

Interesting use of changing the character's shape and direction to add a perspective walk around the second character. Just be careful to not lose the volume and silhouette of the character while animating this scene.