Final Rating: 6.99. Finished 6 out of 96 entries.

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Animator: Bongyong

Description: Everything appears nominal.

Experience: 3years

Time taken: 1week


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Dieguito Pritchett:

Haha, love him typing with his toes! Hilarious! Great exaggeration in both of their acting. Keep it up :)

Marckus Duverger:

Lol This is creative!

Chris Schildt:

Voice2, the toe typer, is great. Aloof about whatever obvious danger is looming, and you managed to give him personality that synchronizes with the scenario, but really isn't inferred from the audio. Very fun :)

Taylor Cole:

Nice application of rubber hose techniques. Very much liked all the fluid and fast paced movement. Great animation!

Cristy L. Einung:

I had to comment just because I loved the typing with the feet. Also, the facial expressions look very good.

Koushik Chatterjee:

awesome concept!!!

Ryan Hill:

Great poses and composition. Don't forget to swift the older man's weight to his supported leg when walking around the room.

Clode Ko:

It's freakin dope!

Jereline Vasquez:

Haha! Those typing toes got me. Good work.

Thibaut Huet:

really good ! I laughed when i saw his feet :) I think he should not do "no" with his finger when he says "good good", it's disturbing.

Sascha Vernik:

funny faces