Final Rating: 2.80. Finished 89 out of 96 entries.

347 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kevin Korankye

Description: A landlord comes down to check on a tenant after hearing some strange noises from his room. He is clearly hiding something when being questioned as the landlord spots it... What is it?

Experience: Second Year Animation Student

Time taken: 4 Weeks


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Ferdinand Engländer:

Very floaty... the arms feel like they have no weight. Try to animate FK instead of IK and look closely at reference how short and "focused" arm motions can be. Try to avoid that hands and shoulders appear to be stuck in the air. Sometimes the hands rotate in ways they can't in real life o.O Keep on practicing, you will get better and better! :)

Marckus Duverger:

With this animation there is alot of arm movement, but not nearly enough hip or torso movement to justify the arm movements. Also that's a reason as to why the bodies are stiff, I think your blockout could've had more dynamic posing. Don't be afraid to animate the hips & lower back area. Torso in general

Subham Das:

very floaty

Jereline Vasquez:

Too stiff. It seems like you need to work on key poses a lot more before going to inbetweens.