Final Rating: 6.44. Finished 14 out of 96 entries.

673 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alberto Ðĵ Gatto

Description: When we think our boss is too boring and POUNDING!

Experience: About 5 years

Time taken: around 2 weeks with no hurry


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Ferdinand Engländer:

Love the setup. Feels a bit like theater though as if the characters are interacting with an audience instead of each other. I wonder if you could have played the little guys size a little more. he could have jumped onto the other person's desks to confront him more. Decent posing and snappy motions!

William Barry Eggington:

I really like this one. Good work.

Alberto Ðĵ Gatto:

I don't want to vote myself but i'll do it in a hones way.

Kenn Mitchell:

Oh yeah this one is gonna win,

Ryan Hill:

This little guy has an interesting acting style. Maybe, try not to lose the silhouette of his left arm when he faces the guy on the right (frames 75 - 124).

Samuel Couffe:

Very good shot ! I wonder if he would not fall on the grown because of the gravity around f83, but your pose is great (maybe bring the right leg a bit behind would even improve it). That also fit in a cartoonish style, so you decide. Keep going animating anyway ! :)

Thibaut Huet:

i like the mustache ^^

Sascha Vernik:

I like the mustache guy's restrained movement. The round table is a nice touch too.