Final Rating: 4.85. Finished 43 out of 96 entries.

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Animator: Debby Albers

Description: It's important to stay confident and calm when defusing a bomb!

First time in a LONG time I am animating and lip syncing to an audio file and my first submission to 11 Second Club

Experience: Some previous experience with animating and lip sync, but haven't animated in years

Time taken: About 12 split days, so maybe 4 full days of work


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Robert Allen:

I like the idea

Marckus Duverger:

The mouths are moving too much to be honest. They don't need to fully open & close on everyword, try mouthing out the words yourself & applying that to the scene.

Somethings are fast in general, but pretty nice animation overall

Nicholas McCamish:

I would mostly recommend smoother motion. I liked how you based this animation off of Keep Talking and No One Explodes. However, I would not count that to your rating.

Koushik Chatterjee:

nice story and the script but you should work on your animation.

Subham Das:

no story,animation needs to be more smoother