Final Rating: 3.80. Finished 70 out of 96 entries.

320 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joshua Trimmer

Description: My first entry into the 11 second club. It was a lot of fun to solve problems and learn new techniques on a time limit. Learning things like how hard "nominal" is to lip sync, hahah. I hope you enjoy my work, and get a laugh.

Experience: 2 years in college

Time taken: 20ish hours


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Dieguito Pritchett:

Good concept, keep working on the characters body movement. A lot of stiffness

Samuel Bourland:

Some great ideas but things are too jittery. Limit the amount of actions so things are slow enough for the eye to read.

Debby Albers:

Hey, good job on the entry! I really like the facial expressions on the blonde guy, especially on "so" and "pounding". I feel like the animation for the guy with the hat at the start is way too jerky and a bit out of place, and the curves/ease-ins/outs could use more smoothing for both characters. I love the end, when he punches the blonde guy on the arm, you can really feel the weight behind it and see it reverberate through the blonde guy. Great job!

Kenn Mitchell:

I would've picked a different kind of scenario.

Ryan Hill:

Interesting story. The animations are floaty and puppet like at times. Work on this scene to block out your key actions with stronger poses, overlap and follow through.

Jereline Vasquez:

The guy in the hat is a little too jerky in movement for my taste but good.