Final Rating: 3.02. Finished 84 out of 96 entries.

3,623 views including the voting period.


Animator: Taylor Cole

Description: A captain and maintenance crew member discuss the well being of the ship. Staring Echo (green hair) and Frost (blue hair).

Experience: 3 Years Animation School

Time taken: 3 Weeks


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Michael Ayers Jr:

The animation on both characters seem robotic and stiff.

Jose Velasquez:

A lot of the first guy's actions seem random, like he's moving for the sake of moving.


I think the cuts working good. It is also clear what is happening - that's important! :) Nothing is worst, than no one knows what is happening.
For the next time try to focus on one character if possible. Don't use IK hands - it's hard to get nice arcs with these. The green guy does a lot with his hands. Just find one nice and good readable pose and hold that for a bit.
For his walk - I can see the main poses. But the steps feel to big and the curve of your "main hip"/CoG-controller is not so smooth.
Always make a reference and study it! :) you would see, that it is not comfortable/natural to make such big steps.
Post your WIP in the forum :) You will improve much faster with early feedback. Keep it up!