Final Rating: 3.22. Finished 80 out of 96 entries.

314 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shawn

Description: Two guys board a plane. Both wanted the window seat, so they flip a coin for it. But the window seat comes with its own problems. A child in the back is pretending to be a pilot and causing a lot of turbulence for tom and they haven’t even took off yet.

Experience: Almost at the beginner level.

Time taken: about two weeks


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Debby Albers:

Good work on the entry! I really like Tom's expression change from angry at the start to when he says "ahhh nominal!" with the little blink in the middle. The lip syncing could use a little more work, I'd suggest filming yourself saying the dialogue so you can see the mouth shapes produced and translate that into the animation. When playblasting or rendering it's a good idea to hide everything that you don't need in the scene, just go to show -> none and then show -> polygons. If there are still objects that you want to hide you can click on them and press H to hide them. The animation feels a little slow/swimmy when Tom settles back into the chair and the other characters could use a bit more smoothing. I really like the thumb point backwards and the direction you've taken it in. Good job!

Taylor Cole:

Needs some more secondary actions; shoulders are too stiff. The lip sync of the guy reading is off. Liked how the character moved with the seat when it got kicked.