Final Rating: 3.94. Finished 82 out of 136 entries.

275 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mickayla Miller

Description: The clip was animated in maya 2015. I had a lot of fun doing this and it really helped me understand how to make my work flow more efficient.

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 54 hours-ish


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Felipe Navarro:

Movements are too slow


i would have had him put his hands through the frame also.

Heather Richmond:

Characters are sliding too much.

Erin Goddard:

The woman's forearms are stretched way out of proportion in the last frame which looks really strange. Movements feel a bit floaty. Try holding a pose every now and then. Keep at it!


The general general body language is good, especially the finger wiggle showing where there's no glass, but the arms are very rigid, and the elbows are at weird angles for most of the animation. Almost there!