Final Rating: 3.56. Finished 105 out of 136 entries.

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Animator: Vanessa Calogera Alessi

Description: Bonnie is talking to a guy, but his glasses have no frames.
I didn't give myself much time, with classes and all, so I just animated up until the end of the female voice. There is no animation after frame 250.

Experience: Currently in second year of college

Time taken: 4 days


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Felipe Navarro:

There's no animation past frame 218. It was good until that frame.

Heather Richmond:

It looks unfinished. I'd like to see the guy character.

Adam Bucceri:

incomplete. What's here is nice, but it can't be properly critiqued.

Erin Goddard:

I like the direction this is going. I like her body expression at frame 130 (just a minute) it feels very believable. Your poses feel a little bit start and stop, some movements could use a bit more fluidity and it's too bad that you didn't quite finish the end of it. Keep it up! :)


it seems that zooming a little bit closer would be more comfortable to the eyes. its just, imho.


Was pretty good till the freeze frame at the end, nice gestures and expressions, her body seems a little stiff when she moves though.

Graciela Ariwijaya:

I think it'd be better to show the male character too. And it shouldn't look like a freeze frame from frame 255 onwards... the background is also too empty, and looks a little bit off, as the chair is positioned at the corner of the room. But a good try to do in 3D