Final Rating: 4.34. Finished 54 out of 136 entries.

447 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tai Beaumont

Description: A man interviews for a job and the hiring manager is a bit repulsed by his empty eye sockets.

Experience: a few years

Time taken: about 21 hours


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Hajar Khakrand:

The animate is so good but why is it not complete?!!

Alice Joubin:

Really good start ! Too bad the end is missing ! Keep going !!!!!

Felipe Navarro:

Oh no, didnt rate it high because the last piece was missing....great work on what i did see.
Update: I just saw your finished piece, definately top 3 material.

Tea Da:

Too bad that it was not finished!


what happened to the rest?

Brandon Hartley:

Really like your animation but its a shame to see it cut off at the end.


The female character seems to be done really well; but the sudden camera switch then cut throws me off.

Erin Goddard:

This was a good start! I was disappointed that the clip ended earlier than it was supposed to!

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

oh man, it was going great =P

Niladri Shekhar Saha:

A good one. but where is the next half.


Oh noooo what happened? I was looking forward to seeing your entry all finished.

Jon Stoll:

the Start was great but I think something didn't upload right. :(

Gabriella Caballero:

I can't see fade on video last frame.

Jose Luis Suso:

The animation has been cuted at the end.... But its started very well!


oh i wish it culd have completed...