Final Rating: 3.68. Finished 96 out of 136 entries.

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Animator: Carolyn Mennecke

Description: Pretty straightforward - a girl goes to a guy's house for the first time, but he fails to impress her because he pours their wine into plastic cups.

Experience: 2 years self-taught

Time taken: Three weeks


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Felipe Navarro:

Needs some work with your arcs, feels robotic

Heather Richmond:

Movements look stiff.


Is the twist here that he's using, what, concrete containers, or?... it's not really that clear, since he IS pouring into what appears to be two glasses.

Graciela Ariwijaya:

camera work looks sloppy... it looks rather shaky. The shoulder looks off around 180.. and I don't think what the guy's doing around frame 234 is suitable to the line

Sabrina Winkel:

His arms are too distracting