Final Rating: 3.95. Finished 81 out of 136 entries.

254 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vaillant Brice

Description: The man try to explain to his sister why does the table looks like that.

Experience: 1 year and a half.

Time taken: 4 days.


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Mitch Buzgan:

There is something about camera placement which is a bid distracting. I guess because women's head almost touches the frame. It would be also nice to see her face, because from profile it's a bit hard to know what she is thinking about.
About animation, I think the keys you have are nice.I can understand the characters and how they feel, but is a bit floaty to believe that they're not puppets. Tighten up your keys a bit more, especially for hands.

Gabriella Caballero:

why is grabbed of cup?