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Glass? Oh no, I use plastic.

by Jean Lamy

Final Rating: 4.01. Finished 77 out of 136 entries.

333 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jean Lamy

Description: Some questions are best left unanswered but some solutions are just priceless.

Experience: Almost a year (In school)

Time taken: About a week and a half


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Felipe Navarro:

I don't get the story, he says no glass but picks one up. Animation of the guy is good, seems to be slow at some points.


nice character. The animation is good except for the front hair. it's moving like he's under water.

Adam Bucceri:

Nice animation, though if there's a joke here I'm not getting it.

Heather Richmond:

After character sits up, the movements seem to creep into each other. Movements need short pauses.


Waaaayyy too much dynamic on the hair dude.

Graciela Ariwijaya:

I think it'd be better to show the woman too. And it'd also be much better not to show the filmgate (the gray box all around), because you can actually turn it off before rendering / before playlist

Sabrina Winkel:

Why is he laying on the table?


Good weight and smoothness, but the hair is extremely distracting.

Jose Luis Suso:

the hair seems at the ocean! You move the hair a lot....