Final Rating: 3.87. Finished 127 out of 231 entries.

564 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Yochim

Description: A Carnivore and an herbivore... What could possibly happen?

Experience: I have 3 years worth of experience.

Time taken: 2 and a half weeks


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Jason Klavir:


Noah Schneider:

Grass design needs to be more clean, because from my personal opinion the grass design looks a little to sloppy!!!!

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

Very cool Michael! I'm very proud of you for entering in this months competition.

I would have like to have seen more acting choices from both bears. We see a lot of the brown bear, but not a lot of the panda. I would have also like to have seen more fingers on the bears...right now they have more of mitten hands then claw/bear hands.

Love the feet swinging. Background is a little too plain for me, i would have dulled the colors a little bit, (less saturation) to make your characters pop out a bit more.

Can't wait to see the other competitions that you plan on entering in. Keep it up!!

Alexander Shuaibu:

Great way to finish it! love the end bit

Randi Munn Derakhshani:

LOVED THIS... really good timing, animation is cute and snappy which show a maturity as an animator. characters are interesting and original. I just viewed 200 of these and your staging was a breath of fresh air. The one small critique I do have is the eyes of both bears. It could be a personal preference but the plain white eyes seems a bit stiff and might distract from the overall cuteness of the piece. Maybe a pupil dot... so they don't look like zombies :)

Richard Adams:

Most glaring problem is poor lip-syncing. Neat concept, though.

Adrian Winchell:

You've done a lot of 2D work here, with decent polish. I'd really work on your lines of action, as well as overlap and follow through - these characters are straight up and down for most of the scene, and when they're both visible their poses don't interrelate very much.