Final Rating: 5.01. Finished 60 out of 231 entries.

661 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rannva Macdonald Arnskov

Description: having fangs makes people assume stuff

Experience: Little

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

its a little hard to see, but looks really good

Alice Reeve:

Nicely drawn. I'd like to see this one more fleshed out.


If only this was a little more finished! A huge improvement would be to simply darken the lines of the wolf's body, it's very difficult to see in the video and almost looks like a floating head. very nice character designs and high animation quality. the bear's movements are very fluid and well done

Yogesh Paradkar:

2D wowwww
Excellent ...........

use of Arcs good
Expressions both Characters good
Snap good
Animation good
simple neet....


Amin Bahari:

This is good. I would personally not have made my arcs that wide, as i don't think the tone of the clip warranted it. i would love to see more of your work!

Adrian Winchell:

Can hardly see the animation on this for the most part, it's so light other than the heads. In the beginning, don't make your anticipation larger than the actions it's anticipating! Nice arcs, they're just soooo huge and fast when the characters move, it's ridiculous! You obviously get the amount of work and drawing involved in 2D, coz what you've done here is pretty impressive, now work on the timing!

Sabrina Winkel:

I love the bear's character especially at the end when he shoves the deer

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

Soooooo fluid! I loved the "what about the sausage". So smooth.