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What is wrong with you??

by Vittorio

Final Rating: 4.12. Finished 107 out of 231 entries.

495 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vittorio

Description: Poor misunderstood vegetarian, but he don't care so much

Experience: I study animation since three years

Time taken: Something like five days, I start late to animate


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Joe Jinks:

I really like the staging and the camera choices, so far it's the most cinematically interesting interpretation of the "two people at a table scene" I've seen. I think the acting of the older character is strong, particularly the delivery of "pork".

Adrian Winchell:

Decent animation with what looks like a very difficult rig. Not sure bout the closeup on the mouth tho'. Would've appreciated an establishing shot at the beginning to make it clear where they are relative to one another.

Richard Adams:

All the shifting camera views is distracting. Would've worked better had you used just one camera view.