Final Rating: 3.50. Finished 161 out of 231 entries.

444 views including the voting period.


Animator: Allan N Jeremy

Description: Tried to improve from January, thanks for C & C, would appreciate more feedback. PS. I forget to comment during the voting period, but I read all the comments and try to improve

Experience: 2-3 weeks

Time taken: 48 hours on and off


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Adrian Winchell:

Just a note on the lipsync - add in the mouth width. All your "no"s are nearly as wide as your "eats". From 99-133, seems like you've deleted a hold key or something - the model's just gradually drifting to a new pose.


Miss a lot of acting

Robert Zhou:

Great job! Sometimes your character makes very sudden movements that are distracting (ex: he suddenly stops after saying I'm a vegetarian). Otherwise, looks very nice!

Antoine Boel':

You might want to explore more variations on mouth shapes / asymmetry