Final Rating: 4.25. Finished 99 out of 231 entries.

510 views including the voting period.


Animator: Aly Boden

Description: Two comrades meet with their newest acquaintance to discover he has one fundamental personality difference.

Experience: One beginner online class

Time taken: One week


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Alexander Shuaibu:

cinematography on point

James Hornby:

the body language was nice, but the facial expressions weren't very strong

Eric Raffle:

good camera movement

Adrian Winchell:

The camera moves here are a bit distracting. It's in near constant motion, and the whip pan to the other person's reaction doesn't really add anything to the scene. Most of the acting in the scene you've put in the hands rather than in body or head reactions, but they aren't focused on for many of the shots. Since you seem to like hand reactions, I'd love to see this scene done with focus only on the gestures as an artsy thing - tell the entire story only through hands. :o


Great Job! I loved the addition of a 3rd character. Nicely done.

Joep de Laat:

I think you shouldvé cut instead of move the camera from one to the other man