Final Rating: 4.58. Finished 81 out of 231 entries.

509 views including the voting period.


Animator: Peter Yoors Myers

Description: Two wolves argue over the dinner menu.
Stop motion animation

Experience: two years and 22 short pieces

Time taken: About a week and a half between puppets and animation


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Annie Iglesias:

You did a fantastic job at posing the characters, doing a good stop motion animation is a valiant effort in this website. However, the fur texture of the characters is incredibly distracting and it takes away from a lot of the quality for me

Joe Jinks:

Love to see some stop-motion and this one is fantastic, it's a shame that there is so much twitching but that's unavoidable when using real fur like this (although maybe animating at 12fps would decrease the intensity of it? Assuming that you were animating at 24fps) The puppets are gorgeous though and I think it's really well acted - my favourite so far!

Adrian Winchell:

Wow, stop motion? That is impressive. Maybe use felt instead of fur that's going to whip around every frame tho. The camera move from 77-90 seems accidental, too.

Richard Adams:

Really nice to see a stop-motion animation. That fur is tough to tame, but body movements and facial expression are really good. I like!


Interesting medium.

Léo Miche:

Cool it changes of what we're used to see in this competition.
I think that hair are moving to mush without reason, that's distracting.

Alan Yang:

Cool style. I wish the fur flickered less in the first line. When he says "I'm a vegetarian," I don't think there's a need for the eye dart.

Lucas Donaldson:

I like the ear flattening to show expression on the vegetarian.


Nice idea ;)


I like the eyes

Yanick Belanger:

I think it is mostly their fur always moving that distracted me from the animation. I looks good, but I can't focus, too much noisy stuff