Final Rating: 5.67. Finished 34 out of 231 entries.

712 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alon Sharabi

Description: Wish I could have cleaned this up a bit

Experience: Self taught, currently looking for a good school

Time taken: Honestly, embarrassingly long


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Eric Raffle:

given that this is 2d you have done a decent job but your gestures are too literal , sometimes its better if you drift away from what they are actually saying.

Adrian Winchell:

Little low on the framerate but excellent 2D work!

Paul David Panganiban:

I love this! Needs more in between though.


I've watched about thirty of these so far and this is easily my favorite. Nicely done!

Lucas Donaldson:

Awesome job!! one note: when he says, "No Meat!" the shape of his mouth looks odd on the "t" sound.


starting is good...