Final Rating: 4.98. Finished 61 out of 231 entries.

602 views including the voting period.


Animator: jobygeorge

Description: VEG v\s NON VEG

Experience: 6

Time taken: 20 hours


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Reminds me of ratchet and clank for some odd reason... well done!!

Ramsey Parks:

I found myself becoming distracted from the main action by the dancing Daxters but still well done.

Eric Raffle:

not bad , could do with opening the mouth a bit more when speaking.

James Hornby:

i really like it! your animation is great, but i felt towards the end the characters emotion wasn't syncing up with the emotion in the dialogue. He almost seemed a bit too happy

Annie Iglesias:

Fun idea! But the background characters are pretty distracting. Especially between 99 and 133... for a moment, I didn't know if I was supposed to be focusing on the foreground or the back round table

Adrian Winchell:

Decent work, and wow you put a lot of background work into this! that Daxter? XD

Alissar Kobeissi:

Cool ideas, but i dont feel the characters' personality


Lots of things going on in this shot, and it's a tad distracting. You've got some pretty solid animation here, but the dance only takes away from the main interaction.

Lucas Donaldson:

Nice lip sync and animation with these characters!