Final Rating: 5.17. Finished 55 out of 231 entries.

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Animator: Pablo Spurchisi

Description: ....A guy wants to order a vegetarian lunch and the waiter does not understand.....

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: I was working during the month, in my short free time .....


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David Ramirez:

I like the "pork" point with the pen.
Nice movements.

Joe Jinks:

I feel the "what is wrong with you" is a tad aggressive for the audio but other that that this was strong.

Adrian Winchell:

Everything's animated wonderfully here. Second shot is a bit short tho' - make it half a second longer or so?

Lucas Donaldson:

Great job! Maybe in the pause, give him a blink or have his eyes move around as he processes the fact the guy is a vegetarian?

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

I love the eyes on the vegetarian at 270! He looks so annoyed maybe a smouldering of anger by having him tilt his head down and looking up. Nice!