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FebCompetition_Student entry

by Dana Luzunaris

Final Rating: 2.90. Finished 208 out of 231 entries.

482 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dana Luzunaris

Description: This is a project for school. I am just learning how to use adobe programs and wanted to try my hand at animation.

Experience: Little to none/Student/ Beginner/ extreme amateur

Time taken: A total of 5 days ( excluding breaks,laziness, etc)


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Adrian Winchell:

Decent lipsync, but could really use actual animation aside from lipflaps and eye blinks. Good use of camera cutting for the shots, though you have a misaligned cut at frame 68 where the closeup zooms out before the camera switches. In the pause after "don't eat meat" might be better to cut to the long shot to amplify the awkward silence, rather than pingponging back and forth, esp since the next six shots are cutting back and forth.

Alice Reeve:

I like the guy's design. Nice lip sync too. But there is very, very little animation. Try making him move more so that it's a bit more interesting.