Final Rating: 1.62. Finished 230 out of 231 entries.

945 views including the voting period.


Animator: ritesh shukla

Description: body mechanics in police chase scene as used most in game animation just wanted to show you gys if im going right

Experience: 4 months

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Steve Hawthorne:

no pork, sausage, chicken or good animation to be seen here. Next!

Gabriel Areia:


Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

Not correct the spiderman though

Jason Wellings:



dude what the heck this isn't even the dialouge!

David Ramirez:

This is great, but i'm seeing it in the Feb-2016 competition.
Maybe he is running away from meat? Or going to free some chickens from a factory?

Iain Wilson:



Second irrelevant shot I've seen so far while voting. There should honestly be some sort of screening process for these things.

Eric Raffle:

idiot, hope you get deleted off 11 second club

Ahmed Jackson:


soumitra saha:

what is that



Adrian Winchell:

This isn't a valid 11SC entry.

Kris Jeung:

wrong competition

Mauro Cordeiro:

put your exercise in the REEL SESSION!

Richard Adams:

Uhhh...very good animation but doesn't belong here. Has nothing to do with this month's audio track, violating contest rules.

محمد فاروق:

animation was good but wher is this month,s audio??

muhammad imran:

hahahahha nice

S J Bennett:

Wrong month?

Yanick Belanger:

where's the dialogue ??!!

Sagar Katara:

Why is it here? Go upload it on youtube.



Alexander Shuaibu:


Shamel Esmaeil:




Ramsey Parks:


Bokang Koatja:


Noah Smith:

this isn't what you were supposed to do

Lucas Donaldson:

ok movements but arent you supposed to include the audio? nice parkour video though

Antoine Boel':

Nice and fluid animation, but doesn't seem to be the right soundtrack :/