Final Rating: 4.40. Finished 87 out of 231 entries.

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Animator: Jon Nagl

Description: Unfinished 2D animation, drawn directly onto Toon Boom Harmony. I'll finish it one day, but not this month...

Experience: 4 yrs college, 0 yrs reality!

Time taken: 20 hours? Perhaps? Not sure!


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Annie Iglesias:

I think if you had been able to finish, it would've been fantastic. I see that the goal was to pretty much make it look like they're sitting on a pile of trash and he's digging down for all these items. I love how it ends with the sausage being thrown at the protagonist


Man some of this is so cute and well animated, I only wish it was more finished

Adrian Winchell:

I'd love for the drawings to stay up a bit more, but this is well acted for 2D, all things considered! Noticed some of this is tied down/cleaned up and some is still rough - did you run out of time?

Richard Adams:

The animation, what there is of it, looks really good, smooth and polished. Wish this was more finished.

Clara Cornish:

Nice acting, it's funny! The only way of improving it I could think of is try performing the expressions in a mirror to really pin down what looks best.