Final Rating: 3.58. Finished 152 out of 231 entries.

529 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sean Bitara Dela Torre

Description: A vegetarian being jeered by a carnivore.

Used Morpheus rig by Josh Burton.

Experience: 2+ years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Mike Tse:

Watch the jump cut near the beginning, it's a bit distracting. The shoulder shrug in the beginning is nice. The meat eaters actions are a little bit too exaggerated, especially the close up head movements. Keep working at it!

David Ramirez:

This has good timing. Lip-sync is matching up. The first camera cut can be taken out or have a greater change in camera angle. The slight angle change makes it look like a camera jerk instead of a cut. Check out the 30 degree camera rule for cuts.

Adrian Winchell:

Watch your arcs, it's a bit choppy, particularly on the carnivore. "pork" and "chickens" are ridiculously distorted and startlingly break the fourth wall.