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Vegetarian Cannibal

by P Carey

Final Rating: 4.51. Finished 83 out of 231 entries.

547 views including the voting period.


Animator: P Carey

Description: Vegetarian cannibal doesn't eat meat at all.

Experience: some

Time taken: A couple weeks off and on


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Alice Reeve:

Love the idea! I think you could put in a few more snappy movements, because it's kinda slow and floaty.

Adrian Winchell:

I'd love to see what this would have looked like if you'd spent the time you did adding 10+ seconds to the film, animating the contest part of it instead!

Clara Cornish:

I think I lacks a bit of subtlety in the facial expressions, possibility due to limited eye movement. Try filming yourself acting it out how you imagine it.

Lucas Donaldson:

the lip sync feels a little off. otherwise, I like the character movements for this style of animation.