Final Rating: 4.63. Finished 78 out of 231 entries.

529 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yuri Marcel Vieira

Description: A young man tries to explain his habits to the staff of a restaurant specialized in meat related food

Experience: 3 years studying

Time taken: 2 weeks


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The camera movement is to strong and I think cuts would be enough... but I love the waiter's movement :)

Mike Tse:

Love the musician gag and the snappy timing on the waiter. Two things that bothered me was the amount of movement on the camera. You could probably just use cuts and just do the one pan over to the musician. Also the size relation really bothers me. The boy looks like a giant because of his large head. It's clear that the design was meant to be a child and not a gown man.


jaja that guy with the violin really made me laugh!

David Ramirez:

At first I was not about the camera moves to show which character is talking, but it had a great payoff when showing the violinist. I had a good laugh from that. Maybe if the camera moves were quicker?
The waiter character looks like he shrunk in size. Maybe you can jeep the same camera shot but have the waiter bent over.
The movement of waiter from chickens to sausage is great, smooth. During sausage, the waiter's left hand could start out closer to his body, then extend out to where you leave it? Or
it can be the first body part that rises up on frame, then sort of snakes its way to the position you have?

Adrian Winchell:

Seems like the tall guy, who was bouncing all over the place earlier in the shot, should move at least a little more for "what is wrong with you"?

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

nice one

S J Bennett:

Fun action but I felt like the dialogue didn't come through so much.


nice idea!

Yanick Belanger:

Animation is good, but I think that the camera does not sell it aswell. You should try to have a more steady cam, with different shots instead of moving the same camera around.

Evan Helford:

I like the rendering and the funny cut to the violin player. The camera shifting back and forth is a bit jarring. I think camera cuts would be easier for the viewer to take in. Also, the chest breathing in and out when the kid adjusts his glasses is distracting. I'd try to lessen that, or remove it. Though the arms move during the poses, the body seems very static. I'd try to get them move just a little bit, like the blue guy on frames 181-200, or the waiter on frames 102-121.

Lucas Donaldson:

all the camera movements im not sure of. but I like the fluidity of the older guys cartoony movements


lovely idea