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Animator: Phill Clough

Description: 2 Wolves are in a cave when one confesses their true life style.

Experience: 1 Year as a student

Time taken: 1 week


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Feels uncanny, its floaty like mocap.

Yogesh Paradkar:


Adrian Winchell:

You've got a decent eye for accomplishing the poses you're going for - gesture with one paw, paw at the ground, run around, etc. But this needs a lot of focus on anatomy and physics - you haven't pulled off the illusion that these wolves are doing these actions rather than having them done to them by an invisible hand yet. I'm also having difficulty getting the emotionality on the vegetarian wolf - is he upset, then exasperated, or what? It looks like you've tried to do a fair amount with the facial expressions - you should try to make sure that they are closer to the camera or at least cheated towards it so we can see their reactions. Might just be the dark blue colors against the light salmon cave, but only their silhouette reads in this shot.

Gordon Hemphill:

Lucas Donaldson:

Some of the movements look a little janky and robotic. You;re on the right track though with some of the emotion of the characters poster.

Joep de Laat:

why is the dog running arond him, what are they doing what so ever? it does not really connect as it seems to me...