Final Rating: 5.77. Finished 29 out of 231 entries.

835 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jason Wellings

Description: Pretty simple scene with a customer informing a confused and shocked chef that he is a vegetarian.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: About 20hrs?


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Joe Jinks:

I like the acting of both characters, it looked to me like the lip-sync might have been a little off on the "I don't eat meat" line but the facial expressions are fantastic. I absolutely love that small glance to the side at frame 107, it sums up how uncomfortable the character is perfectly.

Adrian Winchell:

Good, but instead of making the chef move so fast, push his poses (and the interaction of the two characters) more. The follow through on those fast whips is so fast it doesn't read on screen well.

S J Bennett:

Very good!

Aanal Kumar:

nice plot, but not right frame... animation is kool

Rachel Inman:

Your gestures, expressions, and timing are beautiful. Lots of movement to keep the scene from getting boring. Mind your lip sync as it's a little off, but overall a great entry!!!