Final Rating: 4.67. Finished 75 out of 231 entries.

524 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tala Hughes

Description: A vegetarian cutting a vegetable. Is that a yam or a carrot? No one knows.

Experience: Student experience.

Time taken: Few, sporadic days throughout the month


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Joe Jinks:

I really like the subtlety of this one, perhaps the jerk of the head at around frame 70 was a little too fast but other than that I like it.

Adrian Winchell:

A little too little going on for only one character on screen, but it's still very well executed.

Warren Sloper:

I feel like you caught the smugness of how some vegetarians come across as. Nice.

There are points where the anim 'hits walls' unexpectedly and is floaty at others.

I feel as though you could go into the graph editor and fix the curves up a bit and have a nice piece.

If you go back to work on this, I'd also exaggerate the final gesture "no meat"

Yanick Belanger:

I think the core of your animation is already there. It is just a matter of polishing all that good stuff now ! Try to track your arcs, make sure the key parts of the body move nicely. For example, if you look at your nose, it follows most of the time straight lines. Give it a curve, with anticipation, it will help a lot !