Final Rating: 2.95. Finished 202 out of 231 entries.

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Animator: Mina MinKyung Kim

Description: no pork
hate chicken
Never ever sausage!

Experience: I'm a first year student in 3D animation course

Time taken: 15hours


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Eric Raffle:

not enough animation, I feel you wrapped his arms around his body to avoid animating them, needs more work on gestures.

Lucas Donaldson:

I like the movements of the character towards the end and he pushes himself farther and farther away. Though, it feels like some more detail can be put in his movements.

Richard Adams:

This is very floaty, a sure sign you're relying on the computer's in-betweening too much, and not enough keyframes. Some nice ideas here though!

Adrian Winchell:

Was there originally supposed to be something on the tray?

Alice Reeve:

Nice body language of the arms, and nice facial expressions. Try making the characters' movements more fluid - they look a bit robotic - and use more body language with his head to make him more lively.

S J Bennett:

Really like the acting beats and build-up, some of the timing seems over-compressed tho - the nausea starts and finishes very quickly (hand goes up and down very fast) and I feel like he also reacts too quickly to "no meat".

Joep de Laat:

I'm not sure if I agree with your decision to not show the man at al.

Jyreme Mcmillon:

I like some of your acting choices for sure...I think you just need to clean up some areas and avoid some of the floatiness throughout. something I noticed too try to engage the face a bit more..I still struggle with that too but it adds so much!