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Annoying Resturant Workers

by Rodger D. Davis

Final Rating: 4.16. Finished 104 out of 231 entries.

528 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rodger D. Davis

Description: That time when the resturant workers never listens to you.

Experience: One year as a hobby.

Time taken: Few weeks.


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David Ramirez:

I really like the expression/shoulder shrug the vegetarian gives in the opening. Also laughed at the hand pat @104 lol, loved it.
Some of your poses could use some follow through the characters hit the pose then don't continue some motions with their body. (Like @183 - Tank-Top Guy's left arm stops, would be nice to see it ease out)
Love the @213 pose and feeling you gave it on Tank-Top Guy.

Alice Reeve:

Good interaction with the two hot dog guys haha.

S J Bennett:

Great characters, love the introduction of a bystander. Poses are ok but animation is a bit underpolished, staging on last shot is also very strange.

Adrian Winchell:

Weenie-beanie could really use some more participation from his shoulders in his posing - there's a ton of pose in his hips, but his shoulders remain fixed as if his collarbones are welded to his ribcage. Pull in more of the line of action, and I think it'll really look better!


Funny. A little stiff.
Good effort.


cute animation