Final Rating: 4.11. Finished 108 out of 231 entries.

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Animator: Antonia De Pieri

Description: How do you not eat meat?

Experience: I've been an animation student for 6 months

Time taken: About 2 weeks


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great job!

Martyn Smith:



I know rendering is a pain and some computers just can't handle it, but this would've totally benefited from that. There's some very nice acting choices here and I just wish they were more properly lit


Nice and simple...the poses and timings are quite nice...i feel you could have pushed it more

S J Bennett:

Love the snappiness and strong poses!

Sean Bitara Dela Torre:

Nice lipsync and poses. It really gives him the personality. For me, you can improve it by giving it more weight specially in frame 195 onwards when his hands hit the table. Nevertheless, good job! :D

Adrian Winchell:

Great posing, nice expressions, just needs a little overlap/followthrough - right now he hits his pose and stops each time. Might not want to bring his hands up quite so far in the arc of him putting them on the table- the fingers flash out into space and it looks a bit odd.

Léo Miche:

He could keep the hand on the table at the end. I think there are too much pose changing.

Alon Sharabi:

Great poses, needs a lot of work though
Keep it up!

Sabrina Winkel:

I like his posture and I love how he didn't move too much. Lip sync looks good

Robert Zhou:

Really nice! I love the expressions and poses. Sometimes your motion is very robotic though, like when he lifts his arms from the table.